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The Doll Files

Lauren is a very creative and smart doll. She is a look-a-like doll that I got in 2012. She is 12 years old and she loves to participate in the clubs at her school, Doll Academy. Lauren is president of the Student Council and is a member of the Fashion Club. She is a really great friend and fun to be around. Lauren loves to meet new people.
Saige is outgoing and artistic. She was the Girl of the Year from 2013. She's the fun-loving person that everyone wants to be around. Her hobbies including painting, riding her horse, Wildfire, and spending quality time with her friends, Kalani and Lauren. She also attends Doll Academy and enjoys every minute of it. She started the Murals for Charity program where people paint murals and get paid. With the money they earn, it will be sent to charity.
Kalani is a creative, fun person who loves to try new foods and recipes in the kitchen! She is Mackenzie's look-a-like doll. Her hobbies include dancing and baking. She is always open to try new things, especially it involves food! Kalani also attends Doll Academy with Saige and Lauren.

Ashlynn Ella is the energetic, fun-loving daughter of Cinderella. She belongs to me. She is the owner of a pet shop in the Village of Book End and she has a kitty named Donut who is her wonderful partner in crime. She loves to shop in her free time and her best friend is Madeline Hatter.