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Doll Mailbox- Good for Barbies and AG Dolls

To create a mailbox for my dolls, first I found an old box from a toy that was 8 1/2 inches by about 7 inches. Next, I cut a rectangle that was 1 inch by 5 1/2 inches. I cut it towards the top of the box like with any regular mailbox in the street. I made sure that it was roughly at the center of the box so there was symmetry. Then, I covered the whole box in wrapping paper for color and to cover the packaging. You could also use construction paper or even paint to cover it. This step is optional, but to define the rectangle, I covered the front side only of the box with cardboard. It also added an interesting look so it came out great. Finally, using copy paper, I made my own postage label to put on the cardboard piece. I meant for it to be an American Girl mailbox, but it is also a convenient size for Barbie dolls so it is great for play. Oh, and in case you were wondering, the flap came with the box originally, but you can cut one out and add additional cardboard to make your own.

Doll Tank Tops (No-Sew)

Over the weekend, I recycled some of my old pairs of knee highs that do not fit me and I made no-sew tank tops! The first step of course, is to gather your materials. All you will need for this craft are a pair of scissors and a sock. First, measure the sock on your doll to know how long you would like the tank top to be and cut it out. Be sure it is on the area where your leg would be so the heel does not interfere.

Next, you need to cut arm holes. To do this, cut right under the stretchy part of the sock at the top. Make sure the hole is not too large because when you put this on the doll, it will stretch to the appropriate size.
Voila! You are finished! To put it on your doll, out it on feet first like you would when putting on a dress. The images below are my final versions. The shorts Saige is wearing are from Grace's City Outfit.

Doll-Sized Rug

The materials needed to make a doll-sized rug are a pair of scissors, a sheet of construction paper (color doesn't matter), tacky glue (or any kind could work), and yarn of your choice. First, cut out a circle from the construction paper. Next, starting from the middle, glue the yarn down and wrap it around in a circle until you get to the border. When it dries, the yarn will feel hard so don't think you did something wrong when it turns out hard.

Below is how mine turned out.

Book Shelf for Mini Dolls

This is a tutorial for how to make a book shelf for mini American Girls. First, take the box from a doll's outfit. I used Grace's City Outfit for this. What you have to do first is cut the entire flap off. Keep the scraps because you will need to cut pieces off the flap to make shelves. Make sure the piece you cut for the shelf is slightly longer than the box so you can fold it and tape it to the back of the box. Finally, you can put small books on the shelf. I measured mine so the books that the mini dolls come with can fit perfectly on the shelf.

Portfolio Craft!

I am going to show you how to make a doll-sized sketchbook! It is part one of making the artist portfolio. The hardest part is part two, coming soon, which is making the portfolio itself.

This is an image of what my sketchbook looks like. To make it, you need a stapler, print (or construction) paper, scissors, double sided tape/glue, and markers/colored pencils. 

First, cut several rectangles of paper with the following dimensions: two and a half inches by three inches.

Next, staple them together very close to the top. Then, you have to cut another piece of paper that is 7 centimeters by 3 centimeters. This piece will cover the staples like in my photo. It is optional to color and add a design to it like I did. When you finish decorating it, you have to glue/tape it to the top over the staples. 

Now you have a beautiful sketchbook! Enjoy!

This would make a great party favor if you are planning an American Girl themed party.

To go with the mini sketchbook, I picked up this set of tiny markers. It fits perfectly inside of my portfolio! They are so cute and you can imagine that your doll is actually drawing by positioning them in her hand.

The steps to make the portfolio are coming soon!

Stay tuned for more!