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October 20th: Farewell Note :(

Sorry to disappoint, but I will no longer be posting on this blog any more. The statistics have been terrible and I have not been having the time to post any more. So, to the few fans I have, sorry. However, I will not delete the blog in case anyone still wants to see my old posts.

September 25th: Barbie Dorm Room Tour!

Hello everyone! I am Melanie, a Barbie doll, and I will be showing you around my awesome dorm room! If you will like a tutorial on how Abby made it, sit tight because it will be up with all of the specific steps once she makes a second one!

As you can see here, this room contains a bunk bed for my roommate and I, a desk and chair, a mirror, a bulletin board, and a small place to hang clothes on the side of the bed! How cool is that?

The cool thing is that the doll, or in this case, Melanie, can actually stand on the cardboard ladder without any reinforcements to help! 

Below, is the desk and chair up close, as well as the clothes hanging spot, the bulletin board (made with real cork board!) and the mirror, which is half of a compact mirror.

September 24th: The New Doll in Town

Recently, I went to a Toys R Us Express Store in a Mall a short drive away from my house and picked up a non-name brand doll for $3.99 plus tax. It was a great price and the doll is very pretty. However, since she is not a large brand doll like Barbies, it will be hard to find clothes and other things for her. So, I made some clothes for my doll. I crocheted them myself and I also found out that Barbie shoes fit the doll, which is great because the shoes she came with fell off a number of times. The doll is eleven and a half inches tall which is half an inch shorter than a Barbie doll.

Below are images of the doll in the clothes she came with along with a pair of Barbie shoes on instead of her original shoes.

Next, I will show you the dresses and the scarf I crocheted for this doll!

September 13th: Doll Sized Finds and Shopkins!

Hello everyone! I am back! School started for me last Wednesday and my sister's birthday party was on Saturday. When my mother went to the dollar store for trays to hold food, I tagged along and found some American Girl sized trophies! They are absolutely adorable and fit in their hands without any rubber bands or support.

The next part of this post is about Shopkins, which have recently been trending and I thought they were cute and couldn't resist to get some packs. I have heard many scattered opinions about them. One girl I spoke to who preferred to stay anonymous thought they were babyish and not suitable for older girls. But I think they are cute and great for play. They also are a great fit for Barbie dolls which is very convenient. What is your opinion of Shopkins? I'd love to hear from you in my guestbook.

September 3rd: Doll Mailbox!

I was able to construct a doll sized mailbox that can fit both a Barbie doll and an American Girl doll! The steps are in the Crafts and More Fun Stuff Section. Below are pictures of it and other uses for it.

Another use for the mailbox is shown below! Life sized people can use the mailbox as a personal mailbox for their bedroom, which is what I am going to use it for when I do not use it for play. So, I used painter's tape to attach it to my door so it is easy to remove and so the paint will not get taken off. 

To the left is an image of the mailbox and above is a close up of the label I made for it! Below is an angled view of the mailbox when it is open.

September 2nd: Doll Sized Finds!

Yesterday, I took a trip to Party City to shop with my mom for my sister's birthday party. However, I got a little carried away when I saw the party favors because so many of them looked perfect to fit a doll! The best part was that each item was twenty-five cents each! Below are all of the items I picked out and a doll holding them to show how well they fitted. 

These are tiny notebooks I found in one of the containers. These are perfect for Back-to-School shopping! They were perfectly Barbie sized. I also found a small roll of tape which was perfect for American Girl dolls. For Barbie, I found a small notepad that looks like a detective's pad while they are on the job and I thought it was so cute! Finally, I found an order pad for a diner that was American Girl sized and it was perfect for play! All the pictures I took are shown below and to the left of this text box.

In total, I only paid $1.25 USD for all of these items! They are good quality products and hopefully I can go back at some point for some more things! I'm sure that they have other products similar to these at any party store or discount shop. 

September 1st: The Sleepover!

Hello everyone! It is I, the great and fabulous SAIGE COPELAND! I know, I know, you must be so happy to hear from me! Well... now its time for STORY TIME! 

I just got Rebecca's original outfit in the mail that Abby's mother got off the American Girl website 

(it was on sale) and admiring how cute the dress was. Then, Lauren burst into the room!

"Hey, Lauren! What can I help you with?" I asked.

"I need help packing! Abby is taking me to New Jersey to her grandmother's house this weekend!"

Suddenly, an evil grin crossed my face because that means I will have the house all to myself while both of them are gone!

"Yeah, sure I'd be happy to! How long will you be gone?"

"I will be back on the eighth. Everything I'm packing is here."

"Woah! That is a huge mess of clothes!" I was baffled at how much she was bringing!

Well, I guess it sort of makes sense to bring an outfit per day plus a special occasion outfit and pajamas as well as various pairs of shoes...

So I sat down to help Lauren pack her suitcase with the clothes and shoes. 

"Be careful with the flats! Those are new!" Lauren said as I packed her bag.

As I packed her clothes, I noticed that there were no bathroom necessities like a toothbrush or a hairbrush.

"Don't worry, I remembered to pack my toothbrush! All of that stuff is in my backpack!" Lauren suddenly exclaimed.

Boy, was that creepy!

Then I noticed her backpack in the corner and it did indeed have everything else she needed along with some other things like a...curling iron? Okay... 

"All done!" I exclaimed.

"Thanks, Saige, you're the best! I'm going to miss you while I'm in New Jersey," Lauren replied.

"Yeah, it is going to be kinda lonely here alone." I said.

Then, Abby came into the room and took a picture of us together!

August 20th: Mini-Doll House!

Recently, I finished all of my summer homework so I have had a lot of time to do some crafts! I present to you, a bedroom that fits a Mini-American Girl doll! In this photo, I used Grace to model it.

This is a bird's-eye view image of the room. I used the box that Grace came in as a bed and I crocheted the blanket and a pillow for her. The bookshelf is the one I made in the tutorial under the tab "Crafts and More Fun Stuff." I used wrapping paper as wall paper and I used different colored construction paper to make the window. Finally, the curtain is stapled to the wall and it was made out of foam board and a rubber band tied in the middle. You could easily make this yourself even if you are not an experienced crafter. If you do not know how to crochet, you can just cut pieces of clothes (with a parent's permission) to make a blanket.

August 12th: Littlest Pet Shop Part Two!

Hello friends, it is I, Ashlynn Ella! Sorry it has been a while since you last heard about my pet shop and I am here to tell you about my first day on the job! It was quite successful and the customers were ever so kind! Also, you wouldn't BELIEVE who showed up; Dexter Charming himself! He is so handsome in person! As it turns out, he has a cute little pet cow! She is adorable!

We are officially open for business! First, I will show you some of the products we offer with Donut modeling them for you then I will show you how my first day played out. This will feature appearances by Briar Beauty, Madeline Hatter, Holly O'Hair, and of course, Dexter Charming! This is so exciting!

This is a pet sized float for a pool. Depending on the animal, you can play with it in real water. For example, Donut could go in water because he is just plastic with nothing that could be ruined. But I would just recommend to use water scrapbook paper as a pretend pool. 

This is a pet sized playhouse that came in a Littlest Pet Shop set I found in Target. It can fit small animals in it and there are two small floors to store your pets in. Donut just looks so adorable in it!

This to the left is a homemade shelf made of orange duck tape and cardboard. There are small accessories and items located here. On the lower shelf are tote bags and the top shelf has small homes for the orbs. The orbs are the sphere-shaped faces inside of the small shelters. The shelf wound up slanted when it was built because it was not very sturdy. However, it still stands without reinforcement which is good.

Lastly is the leash made of yarn. I made it very wide purposely so it could fit over a wide variety of animals. It is being modeled on Donut. The handle is wide so male dolls with larger hands as well as barbies could use it rather than just Ever After High dolls. Also, do not forget from the first post, there was the dog bed!

Time to officially open the shop! Okay, it looks like my first customer ever is Briar Beauty with her dog, Zoe Trent. Her hair looks gorgeous in a braid! I wonder what she is here to purchase!

"Hello, Briar! What would you like to purchase today? Your hair is looking lovely."

"Hey, Ash, I would like to get this new bed! It is so stylish and Zoe has needs an upgrade!"

"Okay, that will be twenty dollars! I hope she likes it!"

"Here you go, Ashlynn!"

"Thanks, enjoy your day and thank you for coming!"

Holly O'Hair was next to visit with her cute pet swan!

"Good morning, Holly! I love your new scarf!"

"Thanks, Ashlynn! I would like to purchase this float. I am trying to teach my swan to swim!"

"No problem! Good luck teaching her! That will cost you ten dollars."

"Here you go, Ash! Enjoy your day!

Hmmm, I guess braided hair is the new trend! I'll bet Apple White started it! She always starts new trends amongst everyone! Maybe I'll try it later...

Maddie Hatter came in next with her panda, Penny Ling.

"Ohhhh, this house is just divine!" Penny exclaimed.

"Ashlynn, how much is the ADORABLE house?" Maddie asked.

"Umm, its forty dollars." I said.

"I'll take it! I hope this store lasts! There is so much cute stuff here!" Maddie exclaimed as she left the store dragging the house along with her.

"Oh my goodness! Is that really Dexter Charming coming to MY store? I must fix my hair immediately! Does it look okay?" I thought nervously as I saw him approaching with his cute baby cow. And his cute face!

He wasn't even wearing his glasses! He just makes me want to swoon at his very appearance!

"Hello, Ashlynn, this is such a quaint little store you have! The products are adorable!" Dexter said.

"Just like you..." I murmured dreamily.

"What?" he asked, blushing.

"Oh, um, I meant yeah I think so too!" I said embarrassingly.  

He laughed and said, "I would like to purchase this leash, please. How much is it?"

"It is going to cost you $6.99, Dexter. Would you like for me to put it on to your cow?" I asked.

"Yes, please. Thank you so much for your services. I appreciate it!" he exclaimed gleefully. 

I blushed and said, "Thank you for coming! Hopefully I will see you around here again!"

His cow is just so adorable in my leash! I think Donut has found a new friend ;)

Well, that wraps it up and I hope you enjoyed this post! This is not the last time you will be hearing from I, Ashlynn Ella!

August 7th: Barbie Backpack!

Using the guidance of a My Froggy Stuff video, I was able to make a Barbie sized backpack with only Duck Tape and scissors. The video was easy to follow and slowly paced which was great and I think anyone, even someone who is not experienced with crafts can make this. Below is the actual video as well as images of my final backpack. 

As you can probably tell based on the video, I did not include all of the details shown in the video. I kept the flap squared and did not include straps on it. This just shows how much you can customize this backpack and it will still turn out great. Have fun crafting!

August 2nd: National Doll Day!

Today is such an exciting day for Doll Lovers all around the nation! It is National Doll Day today! This holiday was founded on May 18th, 2011 and the holiday takes place each year on the first Sunday of August. That just happens to be today so it's time to celebrate! 

You can throw a party or do crafts in honor of this holiday. I plan on doing some crafts later today and I plan on posting some tutorials this week so stay tuned for more!

August 1st: Doll Photo Shoot and Review

I apologize for not posting in a while. I have been gone for three weeks at Vassar College for the Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG) Program so I was not able to post anything. But, today was the day I came home so I am giving a doll review/photo shoot. This doll is the Barbie Style Doll Summer

She is a really pretty doll and I love how much her dress complements her skin tone and hair color. Her hair is wavy and caramel brown, or maybe a little darker. She comes with a gold colored bracelet and a matching necklace. One thing I do not like is the way her eyelashes are shaped. They get larger as they get to the middle of her eye which was a bad idea. I think it should have been the other way around just like how it is painted on a regular barbie. She is definitely worth spending $20 on, though. Below, I will show her items up close and tell what I think of them. I will also show the additional pair of shoes she came with and her purse! 

Enjoy the review!

This is a close up of the doll's face. You can sort of get a good view of what I meant about the eyelashes.

This is a someone close shot of the outfit the doll comes with. The design is similar to paisley and there is a green jacket and a belt. They all go well with each other.

This is the pair of shoes the doll is wearing when she first comes. They are peep-toe fringe shoes. They are easy to put on and take off which is a relief.

This is the purse that comes with the set. The color matches the shoes and the bow was a cute addition. 

This is the additional pair of shoes that come with the set. The whole point is one pair of flats and one pair of heels. These are a nice color to go with the clothes.

This is a close up of the doll wearing the pair of ankle boots. They look very nice. =)

I was really happy with this set and I liked how there were extra accessories to alternate the doll's look. I was satisfied with the quality of the doll and I expected it to be more expensive so it was a good price as well. 

July 11th: True Spirit Accessories

Hello! I'm sorry that I have not updated in a while. Its just that the end of the school year was extremely busy and I barely had time to do any posts. Recently, my mother purchased the True Spirit Accessories off of Ebay for me since it is no longer in stock on the American Girl website. Lauren will be modeling it for you today. Enjoy the review!

This is how the set came inside the box. Below will be images of the items separated, as well as my opinion on each thing. Finally, I will show you how Lauren looked in them.

This jacket was pretty cute even though I had a difficult time undoing and doing the buttons on the dolls. So, I undid the buttons and I am going to just keep them open. It is really nice, though, and it goes well with a lot of different outfits.

This is the beret that comes along with the set. It is a nice color that goes well with Lauren's hair and it is really cute. It was difficult to get it on top of Lauren's hair without making a mess so prepare for the frustration of messy hair. However, it looks great in the end if you have the patience for it. 

This is the purse that accompanied the set. It is convenient because the strap is velcro so it can be taken off and put on to the doll. Without the velcro, it would be a tight squeeze to fit it right. Even with the velcro, its a tight fit on the doll and it doesn't fit loosely the way a regular purse would fit a person. Overall, it is pretty and it looks nice with the beret and the jacket.

This is the money and the library card that the set comes with. There were three "dollar bills" enclosed in plastic and it was only one sided which made it seem unrealistic. The library card is okay, but the sizing of both the money and the card is terrible. It doesn't even fit into the purse unless folded so I kept that separate.

These are two images of Lauren modeling the accessories in the set, besides the money and the card. She is wearing a shirt from American Girl, Our Generation pants, and the boots that GOTY 2013, Saige, came with.

June 3rd: Littlest Pet Shop Part One!

Ashlynn Ella here to give you all a tour of the recently built Littlest Pet Shop! It is my little store that Abby was generous enough to build for me and now I can officially open up for business!

I am alongside the best cat ever, Donut! He loves to share donuts with me when I go to Krispy Kreme for my favorite, the one and only Jelly Donut! But enough about me, time for the tour! I will start by showing you all the products for sale in my shop. Donut will be modeling them for me.

First up is the pet bed. This fits most Littlest Pet Shop pets and to make it, Abby used duck tape, stuffing used for pillows, and cardboard.

Here is Donut in front of the shop door. More is sure to come! Stay tuned for the whole tour!

May 23rd: Mint Condition Pictures

If you have already read my review, this is basically Part Two of it. If not, scroll down to catch up. Here are pictures of all the parts of the Our Generation Mint Condition outfit as well as images of Lauren modeling it.

Lauren is wearing the boots that Saige originally came with since the shoes that came with the outfit did not fit on her. Below are them posing together and Saige is wearing the Sugar Coated Deluxe Outfit from Our Generation.

May 18th: Doll Diaries Giveaway

One of my favorite Doll Blogs, Doll Diaries, is having a giveaway! They are giving away a Paris-themed beanbag chair that is American Girl doll-sized. It is very cute and on the website, there is an image of the GOTY, Grace, sitting in it.

May 15th: The New Beforever Character

I am excited to announce that American Girl is coming out soon! Her name is Maryellen Larken and her story takes place in the 1950s. I love her dress and her shoes are gorgeous! I am looking forward to this release. Her books are already available for pre-order on Amazon.

May 14th: Our Generation "Mint Condition" Review

Hello! Today, I am going to review one of the Our Generation Outfits. It is a Deluxe Outfit called "Mint Condition." It was an overall adorable outfit, however the shoes did not fit! If you are a crazy shoe person, I do not recommend this for you. However, the dress is gorgeous and it fits perfectly. So does the shrug. I found the bracelet to be too huge and a little tacky. The purse was adorable. 

So overall, the outfit was great quality but the shoes were a disappointment =(

Happy Shopping,

-Abby =)

May 4th: Saige's Birthday!

Today was Saige's big day and Laura surprised her with several amazing gifts! Saige was so happy! Below are the pictures of what happened.

Laura quietly approached Saige, who was sleeping. She is holding a gift bag and a balloon.

Saige was surprised to see her gifts! Below are what she received. She got a macaron stationary set, several books, and the Sugar Coated Deluxe Outfit from Our Generation.

-Abby :)

April 5th: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of my lovely fans and visitors! I hope you spend some quality time with family and have a lot of fun!

Below is a video from that gives a tutorial on how to make doll bunny ears and a scarf! Its a perfect match to Easter.


-Abby =)

April 1st: Giveaway Winner!

I am delighted to announce the winner of the giveaway for a $50 American Girl gift card! Congratulations...

Rochelle from New Jersey!

She said that she would pick Kit's Beforever dress.

It was nice to come in contact with so many of my viewers and I loved talking to you via email. Thank you to all of the other people who participated in this giveaway!

-Abby =)

March 14th: My First Giveaway! ~ Ended!

I am giving away a $50 American Girl gift card! 

To enter, fill out the contact form to the right and tell me what item you would pick with this gift card. This giveaway ends on April 1st. Alternate ways to earn entries include liking my page on Facebook and spreading the word about this giveaway on social media, on your have your own blog, or by just telling a friend. 

You must have a parent's permission to enter if you are under 13 because if you won, you will have to give me your address.

Good luck! I will do a random selection after the giveaway ends to determine the winner.

If you would prefer an e-gift card, you may still enter and I will send it to you if you win.



March 10th: My Best Friend!

My best friend, Mackenzie, visited after school today. I got to take a photo of her doll, Kalani, and I made the image below with it. I merged a separate photo of my dolls with it.

Sorry the font is so small!



Close Ups!

I love Grace's City Outfit! It is so pretty and I love how it looks on my doll. My only complaint is the head band because it was very small and I had a hard time fitting it on to the doll's head. Also, some of the pink parts I deemed unnecessary. It just did not go with the outfit as a whole.

Grace's City Outfit!

I was finally able to upload some pictures of Lauren in Grace's City Outfit. Here is one. Saige wanted to be in the picture too!

Close up pictures are coming soon!


Abby =)

American Girl Magazine

Yesterday, I got the new American Girl Magazine in the mail! I decided to give you all a peek inside so here are some pictures I took.

Below is an image of the cover.

The "Style Your Space" section has different crafts to do for your bedroom. Below this image is one of the three examples they showed.

Next is an image of the section that gives a tutorial on how to decorate Easter eggs! The polka dot one is my favorite.

Finally, here is an image of one of the posters. I thought this one was so cute!

I hope you enjoyed this preview to the new edition of the American Girl Magazine! You can get your own copy by subscribing here or by getting one at your local Barnes and Noble.


Abby =)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Good afternoon everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you are spending your day with family, friends, or even your favorite doll! Have you done any cool Valentine's Day themed doll crafts? Contact me and let me know! I love to hear from my fans! Don't forget to like my page on Facebook!


Abby =^D

Valentine's Day Giveaway!

American Girl Fan is having a Valentine's Day themed giveaway. They are giving away a cute outfit that includes a shirt with pink hearts, capris, a purse, and a headband. It is so cute! The last day to enter is February 11th.


I am happy to announce that Doll Central is having a giveaway! The last day to enter is on February 21st. Below is an image of what they are giving away.

Good luck!

Abby =D


I would love to give a special shout-out to Izzy's blog. She has a lot of cool photos and posts. Her blog is:



My Trip to the American Girl Store!

On February first, my mom took me to the American Girl Store in downtown Manhattan. I got to do the Travel Tag craft and I got Grace's travel outfit. It was a lot of fun!.

As you can see in the image below, I made the Travel Tag for my doll, Lauren. She loved the red side best!

Tell me about your trips to the AG store. Fill out the form to the right and don't forget to follow me on social media! So far, I have 4 likes on Facebook.

XOXO Abby =)

Reviews: Grace

In my opinion, Grace is really pretty but she will not be added to my collection. The outfit she comes with is nice and I LOVE her boots and her Paris shirt.

Her welcome gifts, which can be seen in the image above are cool. Her beret is cute, but is it really worth $32? I can easily make the flowers myself and get the other things on Etsy.

Sorry the image came out smaller than I wanted! I like Grace's baking outfit. Polka-dots are a must-have for me, so I am definitely saving up for this one!

Next is her adorable bulldog, Bonbon! One of my weaknesses is bulldogs, so I would like to get this the next time I visit the American Girl Store. The bow is a cute addition.

Save the craziest for last! This price made me laugh with disbelief and refresh the page. Her French Bakery is beautiful, but not appealing enough for me to want to ditch out $500 for it. Talk about overpriced!


Today, I got Grace!

The mini-doll, not the full sized one. She is so adorable! The clothes and shoes look just like the regular doll. She is in a good condition and it is worth spending $25 on.

XOXO Abby (=B

My Favorite Blogs!

There are a lot of Doll-themed blogs that I truly enjoy. You can find my list in the tab, "Recommended Sites." Enjoy! If you are a doll lover, you will love these websites!

XOXO Abby =D

First Entry!

Hello everyone and welcome to my website! Here, you will find crafts and fun stuff to make for your dolls at home, updates about products such as from American Girl, and much more! You can email me directly with this address: [email protected] If you want to subscribe for updates, use that same email address. For a faster way, you can fill in the contact form. I really appreciate receiving your feedback! Thanks for visiting!

XOXO Abby =D
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XOXO Abby =D
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